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                           A Going Concern

We have the experience.  Big accounting and Consulting, Insurance Company Risk Consulting, industry experience in  many sectors; but we are independent, small and focused on you.  Try us out.  You’ll see immediately we listen to you and  focus on your issues first.  Then we examine solutions and potential courses of action and work with you to select the plan and program you need.  We can do the consulting, we can help you implement, we can  “audit” or review your programs, and we can help you design for the future.  Large jobs or small, give us a try -- you’ll be glad you did.

Why a Going Concern?

A Going Concern, Inc. is a consulting company that actually pays attention to our clients.  We listen and then work with you to design continuity programs, integrated security programs, technology risk programs and/or operational effectiveness programs that accomplish what you want – not just what someone wants to sell you as the day’s current buzzword.

Fred Klapetzky, our Principal Consultant and Founder has over 30 years experience in technology and business operations.  He’s a former Computer Crime Investigator and maintains his CISSP designator.  He’s worked with some of the worlds leading companies and can teach as well as deliver solutions customized to our clients.  You can see his Bio here.    

Established in 2012 and incorporated in 2015, we are here to help our clients remain … a going concern.

Our company works with an association of highly skilled independent consultants that are brought together to provide our clients the specialized skill sets needed.  This enables us to control costs and ensure our clients the best value for their consulting dollar.

We utilize the services of MBO Partners, who provides our back-office functions including accounting and billing for us, you can be assured our consultants will not be considered your employees due to long term projects.  We’ve included some information on the benefit MBO provides our clients here.