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A Going Concern want to be sure that significant issues or concerns are presented  for educational purposes on our site.  Some of these will be from our own team of consultants, others may come from friends and associates that wish to have their educational articles published here as well.

Do you have a topic that you would like to see addressed  Drop us an email and we’ll try and find some information for you or ask one of our contributors to write and article on the topic.

In the category of “Can you believe this”, we have written an editorial article based on current items we’ve come across.  As you read it, you’ll understand our concern.  

Disturbing Trend and Potential Risks for Healthcare Workers

Is there Any good that can come from the Ebola Hype?

We debated about even talking about Ebola, then we thought about the good that might come of it.

Risk Assessments for Heathcare

This has some good risk assessment ideas and thoughts

Cyber Threat

Our thoughts on Cyber threats

Data Center independence

This a lengthy article, but addresses some real risks and concerns.  Distance is not the only factor determining independence.