For ease of use and to help enable discussion, we have categorized our core consulting services into four groupings.  These are somewhat arbitrary distinctions since the solution for any particular problem may entail components from more than one category.  

However, these categories can help us get our arms around an issue and often help begin the discussion.

As you probably expect from a good consulting firm, if your specific issue is not easily categorized into these four areas, please take us up on our 30 minutes of consulting offer.  Call us and talk to our founder about your specific situation.  Even if we can’t help, we may know the right consultancy that can.  Our goal is helping you remain -

A Going Concern.

Some Core ideas:

1.  You can never be totally secure and connected to the Internet.  Layers of security and procedures and processes to recover are your best approach.

2.  The same approach to the mix of techniques will not work for everyone.

Business Continuity

Technology Risk

Operational Effectiveness

Integrated Security

Memories Preservation